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  • Brand: London Leathers
  • Product Code: JK-242-BR-2XL
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SALE - Brown Steve McQueen Heuer GrandPrix Leather Jacket


This latest version comes with contrasting red box stitched (cotton quilted) lining, so wear your vintage leather jacket out looking ultra cool all year around, albiet in snug comfort

Rarely does a new model cause such a powerful and positive echo the way this 100% smooth hand picked top grade soft brown hand picked Cowhide leather jacket with its characteristic stripes and logo stitching from the noble clock label HEUER and a nod to GRAND-PRIX racing vintage style. The red quilted stain lining creates a great contrast as well.

Style: In same the style of the famous cream coloured leather jacket worn so naturally by Steve McQueen in Le-Mans. Why not have one of these in your arsenal and wear out when you really want to show off a vintage cool look and get noticed.

Leather has a long tradition, whether with the car or home interior or since beginning of the 20th century in the clothing branch. The leather GP Racing unites in ideally both primary virtues of leather: as a protective clothing by the robust cowhide leather and as a stylish piece of jewellery by great design