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At London Leathers we have the ability to offer you the choice of 3 types of leather type based on your budget. For more on why leather is the best choice of material for biker apparel, check the leather wikipedia article here

Standard leather is the budget choice, Premium Cowhide is the common and most popular choice and Kangaroo is the Pro Elite top specification, and is only available on special request for our custom made leathers service.

The price differences between the leathers give a strong indication of level of quality and durability comparison between the leathers.

For a more detailed analysis of differences, take a few minutes to read more about it below


1.3 to 1.5mm thickness, full grain Buffalo hide, drum dyed and suitable for budget range motorcycle apparel with a more rugged feel. Buffalo hide has a coarse-looking, uneven and pebbly grain, more pronounced compared to Cowhide with thicker fibres and more widely spaced. The leather odour of Buffalo leather is also stronger compared to other leather types on offer. Buffalo skin offers an abrasion resistance on 1.000 revolutions on the Martindale machine (P180 Sandpaper). The tear strength of Buffalo is approx 60 N.


1.2 to 1.3 mm thick top grain cowhide specifically tanned for premium motorcycle apparel. Cowhide has a finer grain and available in a variety of textures i.e. smooth soft finished for our range of causal wear jackets and fine grained for our biker apparel.

Cowhide is considered a finer leather and naturally costs more. With a superior combination of flexibility, durability and grain, it is the most popular garment leather on the market. 

The natural strength of cowhide is the perfect choice for average riders and daily use. Cowhide is among the strongest materials in the apparel market and offers an abrasion resistance on 1.000 revolutions on the Martindale machine (P180 Sandpaper). The tear strength of this cowhide is 80 N.


0.9/1.0 mm thick top grain kangaroo leather specifically tanned for racing leather suits.

Of the many species of Kangaroo, many are protected in their habitat. However the unchecked reproduction of the largest breed has resulted in massive over-population and regular culls are carried out under the supervision of the Australian authorities allowing for free trade access to the best leather hide available on the market

Kangaroo leather is far more abrasion resistant than cowhide of the same thickness (check wiki facts here) and offers an incredible lightness and softness, perfect for those riders seeking the very best comfort and mobility for their races. This is because unlike cows and buffalo, Kangaroos only sweat through their tails and therefore there are no pores in the hide. Special tanning and drying methods mean kangaroo hide is resilient to moisture and so less likely to loose its shape or degrade over time

Kangaroo reaches 800 revolutions on the Martindale machine (P180 Sandpaper), while the tear strength is 80 N.


You can only purchase the Kangaroo leather upgrade as a add-on (upgrade) for a regular order

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